Change my "System Certificate Trust Settings"?!?

Tried updating app to latest version on a new MacBook Pro M1 Pro and I’m greeted with a prompt to allow the updater to have it’s way with my System Certificate Trust Settings. Why would I agree to this? Why is this needed?

Also tried a clean install after deleting everything with the same result.

Why would I let a game launcher/updater have the power to compromise all Internet security?

This is a change in how the latest MacOS handles requests to change System Trust settings. In earlier MacOS, if a process had root, it could change settings without a warning. Now, even an admin install will trigger the warning if it attempts to modify the Trust setting.

Basically, this poor security hygiene existed before but Apple wasn’t calling out the Blizzard app for doing it. Now they do. Most likely this is done to enforce DRM and allow ‘silent’ software updates without triggering auth prompts on each update.

You can just cancel the permission dialog without granting permission, and after a few prompts it will carry on with the install. Everything seems to work OK on my system after doing so, but future patches may break things.

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