Change battle tag numbers

I want to change my battle tag numbers but I don’t know how. I tried looking it up but nothing I found actually showed how to do it. Everything I found just showed how to change the username not the numbers after the “#”. Is there a way to do it?

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Sadly, there is no way to change the numbers of your BattleTag. A Game Master from the Customer Support team also confirmed this. Those numbers are randomly generated, and even they are not able to change them.

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no idea how old this post is since only months are listed and not years but anyway, this used to be a thing… a very long time ago, i very clearly remember adding a custom number after the shebang #. it was my birthday. then some time later, i purchased a new username and it automatically wiped out my custom number after the #. there has since… been no way to edit this, which i think is very odd. my guess is that they decided to no longer support this functionality. sadly

The number after the text name is automatically assigned. There can be 20 accounts named jadissa, but the #11733 separates you from the rest. You have never been able to change that.

If you want to use numbers in your Battletag name though you can. You can be jadissa1234#assignednumber

To do that you would go to account management here on the website and use your one free battletag change. If you don’t have one, you can pay for one. It would assign a new #number after your jadissa1234, but you could have a number in your display tag.