CDN config and app open elsewhere?

I try to log into WOW and I keep getting an error that ends in BB8 and it hangs on fetching CDN config. I’m working my way through the troubleshooting steps I’ve found on the forums. I set up a troubleshooting Admin account and went to launch It wouldn’t launch and an error message said I had open on another account. I do not. I switched back to my main/prior account and is not open. Any ideas?

I’d love to get back into playing WoW more, but I keep having intermittent CDN config errors that come and go across WoW, WoW Classic, etc. Very frustrating. Help?

Edit: This happens to WoW, WoW Classic and Burning Crusade Classic, but not Warcraft III or other Blizzard apps like Starcraft or Heathstone. Help?

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