Cd-key issues for diablo 2

hi everyone,
it all started when my kids were searching my games on the shelves and asked me: “Dad what is this game”. I was so excited to show them one of my favorite games. A few hours of searching the net for all the problems encountered during the installation on their machines. I came across a problem which i cannot resolve myself, hence why I’m here asking for help.
After figuring out that you could redeem your cd-key to your actual account, I went on and wanted to add all of them to my account. 2 set were 24 digits and had no problem at all. The last 2 were 16 digits cd key which have already been claimed, not sure how.
I went on and installed the 16 digits one and test if it was being used and I had the message claimed by battle net.
I pretty sure you already know where I am getting at here. game sends me searching the net for claimed by and the following sends you to redeem the 16 digits cd-key to get a 24cdkey. Anyway, you have the idea
even though, they will probably change interest in a few weeks. id still would like to redeem those cdkey to keep them safely linked to my account

thx in advance and best regards


Is it possible that you have already claimed them ? That would have been done after 2009 when Blizzard revamped the Battle.Net App. If so, the CD-Keys would be still attached to the Battle.Net account on which they were redeemed.

If you don’t remember the e-mail (and the password) for that Battle.Net account, you will need to contact Blizzard Support with a ticket… account issues such as this cannot be adressed on the forums. I should warn you however that ticket response time is about a week at the moment… I’m sure Blizzard is trying to clear the backlog but… that will take a certain amount of time.

If, despite the long response time, you wish to contact Blizzard Support, you can do so here:

Click on the Contact Us button to initiate the process. On the ticket form, you should include pictures of your CD-Keys and a detailed message asking for the e-mail and password originally used to redeem those codes. Blizzard Support may also be able to transfer those licenses to the account you are posting with here.

Good luck with this.

thx for the response,

nothing is impossible, you could be right and i forgotten that account/email.

I went on and opened a ticket we will see.

thx for your time mate and have a great day

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this just happened to me & is the reason why i am here. i logged back into the same account i used to play it on before, just on a different pc. i assumed since i had purchased it in the past, that it would still be under this account. however, when i searched the game, it said i had to buy it. i figured “meh, it’s just $10. whatever”, so i bought it again. it gave me a code to redeem. i tried to redeem the code, and it says the code has already been redeemed. i copy pasted the code & tried to manually type it in, and it’s not redeeming. my questions are: (1), if i shouldnt have to purchase it again under the same account, then why was that my only option? and (2), if i buy it again & it gives me a code, shouldn’t that be a new code for a different transaction number? i’m not really following why it’s telling me the code has already been redeemed.

@BMW6L90 i figured it out! i’m willing to help you through it but i had some difficulty over the last 3 hours so it might be easier for me to screen share with you in discord if that is something you are able to do


Why not put the information here ?

If needed, you can link screenshots to illustrate specific steps…

  • upload the screenshots to a picture hosting website such as
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That way, it would also benefit other players who come here in the future with the same or similar issue.


if you are like me, i tried putting the cd-key into the “redeem code” option through battle net (either under the drop-down box where your account name is, or under settings). this is not where the cd-key goes. if you purchased diablo 2 or diablo 2: resurrected through battle net, you must go to this link:, and select for which game you have a cd-key for. once clicked, you’ll see a pop-up that has a clickable button stating, “download for windows”. do that. you will proceed with the game installer, and towards the end you should get this pop up (image of the pop up) - this is where your cd-key goes! i hope this helps!