Categories on Friend list

Firstly, I like the design of the new launcher. Being able to finally hide games is wonderful, and the look is quite pleasing. My only complaint is the Friends list.

First, I would like an option to detach the friend list from the main window OR have the option to hide it, it does take up a lot of space.

Second, at the top of the friends list is a selection of categories:

Playing (game currently looking at)

I don’t see the need in the “Playing (game currently looking at)”. You can tell which friends are playing what from the icon next to their name.

The other thing this does is take up a lot of space at the top of the friends list, which thus forces the actual list of friends way down on the UI.

I think there should be an option to remove categories you’re not using or don’t wish to use. Just a plain old list of Friends would be a nice option and would save a lot of space on the window.


Not a complete solution but you can collapse the categories by clicking the arrow next to them. Doing so allows you to mostly hide that category only taking up a single line on that section.

I do have the “Playing (game you’re looking at)” and “Favourites” collapsed, which is straight forward enough. My issue is, even collapsed they take up an awful lot of space in the list. To me it looks like it takes up the equivalent space of 1.5-2 friends with them collapsed. Seems wasteful, and if there was an option to disable the categories that would be space better used.

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I agree that the categories are a bit much.

I’d actually like it if I could merge everything into one friends list, where it put my Favorite friends that were online at the top, then regular friends that were online next, then favorite friends offline and finally regular friends that are offline.

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I can’t believe that as this change went live in Februrary 2021 for me, the category issue is still there. My biggest gripe is that doesn’t remember my choice of collapsing the categories I don’t use so that I cannot see what’s in them, especially the “Playing (insert game here)” which is the most pointless of categories.

Update (26/02/2021):
The latest update finally removed the pointless “Playing (insert game here)” now we just need an option to hide the favourites section if we don’t use it, and be able to separate the friends list from the launcher.