Can't whisper people error 7000

when i whisper people not in my friend list i get this error.
tried reinstalling battlenet with total uninstaller, checked my acc settings still not working

Edit : 1- tried making a new battlenet account and use vpn still not working
2- tried logging in from another pc and still not working

Hi there, this forum is for the Bnet client only. If you’re having WoW problems, you’ll want to use the WoW tech support forum.

Usually this error is because one of the parties has some social features disabled. That’s the only info I know about it.

i mean i can’t message people in battlenet launcher and diablo 4
also i msged lots of people to make sure even asked if they have social features enabled or not

Exact same issue here. Can’t whisper anyone in-game or on Battle net (Error 7000 on Battle net). Can only whisper people after they accepted my friend requests. Removing them as friends again will get me the same Error 7000 again. Privacy settings are fine (same as my other Battle Net account where I don’t have this issue at all). Blizzard support has been very unhelpful so far (10 tickets in). Spend the last 7 hours trying to get this resolved without any luck. Please push this forward message forward if you could. Thank you

I can receive whispers in-game and on Battle Net however but not reply to them until I added them as friends (and they accepted the friend request). I have tried reinstalling Battle Net and removing the cache and temp files without luck. I have been in contact with Support and Googling the issue but have not found a solution so far for the past day.

found a solution ? ?