Can't view friends of friends anymore?

Ever since the latest update I am no longer able to view friends of friends. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. The problem does not persist on the old version.

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I’ve got the same issue, both present in beta and normal.
The functionality works on mobile app though.

Thank you for raising this issue. It is a bug that we’ve identified and are working on a fix!

I have this same issue.
I want my full screen option back or at least control over it.

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weird, same. whats going onnnn

I personally like Friends of Friends being blocked. That should be a feature. I’ve always had different sets of friends and family in WOW and I don’t want them becoming one. I keep them separate for a reason. So I had to delete most of friends I have in WOW and tell them to just call me on Discord when they want to play! It’s a privacy issue and one I’m surprised doesn’t have an option to turn off. Please keep it off.