Can't post in Diablo IV forums

It’s extremely frustrating not being able to post in any of the D4 forums without purchasing (pre-purchasing) the game. I have questions that I want answered before I’m willing to buy it and I can’t ask them in the D4 forum as a result.

This is a really counter-intuitive situation. While I can understand that Blizzard don’t want it open to trolls, it effectively it creates an echo chamber where everyone who posts owns D4 and no one else. Where do I go to ask the questions and get genuine answers?

It’s even more frustrating when I look at my game shelf and see Starcraft, Warcraft 1-3, WoW and Diablo 1-3. The forum could at least look at account history and allow posting based on the fact I own D3, or that I’ve been a forum user for years. Instead of flat out not allowing posts.

So, short version: Blizzard please reconsider the criteria for allowing people to post in the D4 forum. Thanks.


Completely agree.

The fact that they chose to do this in itself says a lot personally.

I am VERY on the fence about Diablo 4 especially considering its $70.

The game, from gameplay I have seen, is Diablo 3.5.

I loved Diablo 2 and still play it. That said I obviously don’t want an exact clone and the Diablo of 20 years ago shouldnt be the Diablo of today. Who wouldnt agree with that.

I think people want to feel the same way about Diablo 4 as they did when they played Diablo 2 and Diablo 4 does not currently appear to be able to offer that experience.

I will probably get it anyway and I will absolutely play the Open beta this coming weekend. Like you I own all of those franchise and have a 1 year WoW sub with a few thousand $ no doubt spent since Vanilla on WoW alone between all the ways you can spend money over the years. Transfers, faction changes, sub time etc etc…its a pretty weak decision on Blizzards part to limit people this way but it imo also reflects the Blizzard we have today in terms of the last 10 years of internal issues and community interaction etc.

Sadly I doubt their mind will change and by the time it does, for some it will be too late anyway.

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I just played the early so if I can i would be happy to help out with anything I can. I agree that that is kinda BS they don’t allow you in the forum if you don’t own the game.

Ya it sux.
they should open it up today when open beta starts.

Can someone please check the concieted aspect it is not working at all im using iron skin barb and it does nothing.