Can't post in D2R forum

So I saw that you needed to own the game to post there, went through with the payment now it shows the install button in my battlenet launcher for D2R but I still can’t post in the forums, anyone know if there is a sort of buffering time between the purchase and the system verifying that you actually bought it?

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Yes there can be.

  • Give it some time.
  • Log out of the forums, clear cache and cookies, log back in.
  • Make sure you are posting in the sub forum - not trying to post in the top level category. Yes, this is confusing.

Forums > D2R> General Discussion
Forums > D2R

See this post for an illustrated guide.

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I appreciate it, it’s been over 10 minutes now. Gotta be more patient :stuck_out_tongue:

It took me about 20 mins yesterday and then today I got all kinds of mixed up again today. I saw the “you need a license to post” message again. Realized I was one level too high in the forum infrastructure and that it was not telling me that. It looked just like GD…but was not. Check the forum link I posted. The pic in that post is helpful.

Same applies to posting on the D2 2000 forums. Be sure to use the proper sub forum.

Will D2R be supporting cross play at a later date you think?

Hi there DruidicShamn.

I listened to the Q&A today that specifically addressed that. The way they phrased it was that no, not on release. I don’t know if they have specific plans to change that, but it sounded like they would consider it and be open to it if it was possible down the road. Don’t hold your breath, but I would not give up hope for the future.

I don’t work for Blizzard though. Greens are just other players. I am saying this based off my take on today’s public presentation.