Cant play without Internet

I purchase MW2 Remastered, why cant I play this game without connecting to, I buy it its mind, what if I am not near a internet connection, this is foolishness.

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same with cod warzone campaign and cod cold war campaign and zombies solo its not right to own a game and not have the option to play it offline when servers are down or even if you dont have internet there should be an option to play the game offline even if cod servers are down its a solo mode for christ sakes


I bought the new Cold War game, and I can’t even get into it to play. Too bad this platform wasn’t more like Steam. I have a lot of games through Steam, and I have never had a problem like this. I can’t even get in to access the main storyline. I paid for the thing, I should be able to access it. Battlezone gets a big thumbs down from me, and I will probably not buy another game from them if this is how they operate.

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that just not right…i feel bad that this is happening to you…the campaign was enjoyable too and the solo zombies so far has been fun for me…i really dont have any friends online to play games with so when i buy something i really look forward to the solo campaigns and the zombie mode to enjoy
I hope you get the issue resolved and cant even imagion why it does’nt install to be able to enjoy what you spent your hard earned money on…
its gives you the option to connect your steam account with blizzard but i would be highly against that option if this was happening to me and my account and it seems they make it so confusing how or who to contact and its like they never get back to you on issues…

I hear you. I don’t want to risk compromising my Steam account. I can’t even seem to get in touch with them to tell them to either fix the problem or give me my money back. It’s probably set up that way so they don’t have to listen to people complaining about how screwed up they are. I’ve seen many posts on here which seem to point that way.