Can't play Call of Duty after being unbanned

My Activision account was hacked and resulted in my account getting permanently banned. I was not able to play the game on or Playstation. After going back and forth with Activision for weeks, i was finally able to get my account unbanned. My account was never compromised, only my Activision which got every account linked to Activision banned. I am now able to log in and play on playstation, however when I log into, it still shows that the account is banned before I even launch the game.


Nothing can be done on the forums; the people who answer here are players.

Your Battle.Net account is banned ? or
The Battle.Net App is showing that your Activision account is still banned ?

If it’s the 2nd case, I would try to get Activision Support to notify Blizzard that they need to update your Battle.Net account status… if they cannot do it themselves. It’s unlikely that Blizzard is aware that your Activision account got unbanned.