Can't log on diablo 2 lod

I can’t log on diablo 2 lod
I got this message : is unable to properly identify your application version.
I’ve waited over 14 days without trying to log in and I still get this message
I’ve never used any hack in my life
Thank you for any help

Hey there,

I don’t see any Diablo 2 keys on the Blizzard account this forums post was submitted from, so I was unable to help check on those. However I do not see any temporary restrictions on the network you’re contacting from so that’s good news.

If the keys used to install are shared, please keep in mind our ability to provide assistance is limited. We generally recommend using only keys claimed to your own account, or purchased through our website. That way penalties incurred by shared users don’t cause problems.

More info on temporary restrictions here.

Hope the info helps. Cheers!

I recently got this error message a few years ago. A registered Diablo II game on this official site has no matter.

However, the way to restore this error message should be to fully uninstall your game with the use of the Uninstall feature once you insert your disk after the game prompt as the main menu shows so it will clean your d2 folder. Then, if the Uninstallation successfully shows, restart your machine and repeat again a new installation until no wrong message shows. Don’t forget to launch the video test before to install LoD.

I’m trying to log on to D2LOD East and it says “Cannot connect to BattleNet
Please try again later” I have 2 keys and have tried both computers…same result… East is down.

“You were disconnected from Please reconnect” error message keeps popping up. Just purchased today (12/23/2020) and can’t even play a game I payed for.

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Same thing is happening to my brother. We started playing yesterday and today he is unable to connect to I fixed this issue he had initially which was “D2XP_IX86_1xx_114d.mpq” patch being installed in the wrong location.

so what i understand is my connection problem is a ban for something i wasnt aware of because i used a vpn that i have alway on

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yup, they definitely don’t like you using a vpn for diablo, they just assume you are up to no good.

I’m also getting the “You were disconnected from Please reconnect.” error message, on 2 different PCs/accounts.

I can’t log on diablo 2 lod I got this message :You were disconnected from Please reconnect” error.I Just got the game gifted to meThank you for any help