Can't log into BNet, can't even submit a ticket

Cannot connect to Battle .net BLZBNTBGS80000011 and cannot connect to D2.

Blizzard won’t even let me submit a ticket online (repeated error). This is ridiculous.

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Hey, truesilver87!

Does this link work?

If it doesn’t work, which error are you getting?

Hi Ibaraius.

None of the links seem to work. I’ve generated and attached the various requested files (tracert, msinfo, etc.) but it just keeps spinning and timing out and saying:

"You can’t submit this ticket.

An error has occurred. This may be a temporary error, so please try again later."

As for my BNet connectivity, it’s the standard BLZBNTBGS80000011 error.

Okay, based on all of the connection problems and errors you are experiencing, I have a feeling I know what is causing the problem.

Please email the DXDIAG and MSINFO files to with the Title: Cannot Submit a Ticket [2918]

I will take a look for you.

This inbox is not monitored and will not send responses. It’s used to collect information for Customer Support to assist in troubleshooting.

I will send that along. Thanks very much!


So we have a few different problems going on here.

  1. The first issue is that the app version you have installed right now is from 2015. So you would need to completely uninstall the app and reinstall the newest one:
  1. Next we need to address the security and QoS connection software on your system. You have a program caused Asus Network iControl installed on your system that you will need to remove. This is very old software that is part of a very old version of ASUS AI Suite. It is modifying your network traffic and is likely causing all sorts of odd connection issues.

I would recommend to completely remove all of the ASUS software on the system as it is all out of date.

  1. Temporarily uninstall AVG Toolbar/secure search and Norton Checkup. These are are also older versions. If you need security software, we have recommendations Here.

  2. Lastly, create a new Windows admin account to see if the same thing happens on the new Admin account. This will rule out any Windows specific setting issues as all Windows specific settings will be defaulted.

Final edit:

Followed the above steps, initially didn’t work, but for some reason it just kicked in after a few more restarts.

Thanks very much for the help!!

No worries! Glad everything is working now. :slight_smile:

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Ibaraius, can you please help me?
Seems that i have same (or like that) problem.
Where can I write to you?