Can't log in - Email changed unknowingly

I just got home and tried to log on to and i was logged out, which i found odd but on further attempts to log in it said my account was not found. I checked my email and saw an email from Blizzard saying my email was changed. Everywhere on blizzard support makes me login to actually do anything about it, which i can’t because i have no idea what the email it was changed to. I made a new account to post this so if it helps my Battletag is [Removed by Blizzard].


Hey, Scrumbnack! Please contact our customer support team. We do not assist with account issues on the forums for security and privacy reasons.

Same thing happened to me yesterday. It’s been a whole day and I don’t expect to expect them to respond to my ticket anytime soon. I have no idea what someone else is doing with my WHOLE account!!!

Hey, you both wouldn’t have happened to be using Gmail would you?

Hey there,

For Gmail users I highly recommend checking out Google’s 2 step authentication features. They work similarly to our Blizzard Authenticator which is also highly recommended for all Blizzard accounts.

Hope the info helps. Cheers!

I have the same issue! Please respond to my ticket! i get payed in a couple days and my debit card is on that hacked account!!!

@ xbox0g, the card should be fully encrypted and should request the CVV code if any purchases are attempted, they will not go through. This shouldn’t put your payment information at risk. As mentioned before, we do not handle account issues on the forums. We have separate teams who respond to these issues who can help with recovery and any other concerns from there.

As this is not a technical issue, this thread has been closed. For any account or billing related inquiries or concerns, please contact customer support.