Can't install Starcraft Remastered on Catalina

When I try to install SC Remastered my Mac running Catalina as the OS, it gets stuck at the start of the process. Icons in the bottom right and left hand corners of the install window say “Calculating Size”. That’s as far as the installation will progress.

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I encounter exactly the same issue

Hey, Skegdog! Thanks for the details here! With the “calculating size” issue, it could mean that the drive may be corrupted or malfunctioning, the installation may be corrupted, or a third party application was used to try and install the file. It could help to try the following:

  • Is the game installed on a different drive or an external drive? If so, does installing it directly on the MacOS drive help?
  • Reset the SMC and PRAM/NVRAM

if it continues, what MacOS version are you on? What about you, MagicGnome? Any suggestions here help?

Hi Caterpepi
Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately your suggestions didn’t help.
I’m using Catalina 10.15.7

Hey folks,

We actually have a forum for this type of report. Can you please post the information Skegdog posted at this forum instead so we can aggregate reports? That’s where most SC:R players are going to show up, after all.