Can't get past the captcha and log in

This is beyond frustrating.

I had to create this account just to post something because if i try to log in with my main blizzard account I get a screen that asks for my email address, sends me a security code, and has me enter a captcha response. But it always tells me “wrong code” which isn’t useful in any way shape or form (which code is wrong, the email code or the captcha?)

I can try 10000 times but even though I know i’m entering both the captcha and the email code correctly (i’ve tried dozens of times, and gotten dozens of email codes) I can’t log in.

And i can’t create any sort of support ticket without logging in.

I just want to log in and secure my account but it won’t let me and there is no support offered for this broken system.

What is wrong with this company. If someone wants to hack my account they can have it, but stop spamming me with email.


I am in the same boat you are in. I actually was able to get in my account and i downloaded the Authenticator. It still does the security check and EVERYTIME I enter in the code correctly it gives me the same error message. I sent a ticket to Blizzard and tore into them about how ridiculous this whole thing is. This is BY FAR the worst experience of all of the other game companies. Pathetic.

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the same problem …

same . worst experience of all

I’ve had the same problem and it has been one of the most infuriating experiences ever this needs to be fixed.

Having the same problem with the authenticator app. The captcha input actually truncates the code to 6 characters while the captcha code is 7+, so it’s always wrong…

Someone was able to resolve this issue? I still have it and can’t access my account…

Same here. I don’t even receive email on this account. I can connect the forum, but my password is said incorrect when connecting to Battlenet directly.

Here are the steps my bruddas

  • hover over the launcher and move your finger on mousebutton 01.
  • click
  • double click
  • open cmd
  • exit cmd
  • close youtube
  • Pass go do not collect 200$

The real steps now.

  1. Open the launcher and input the email you use
  2. Click on the :gear: (gear) option
  3. Choose the fourth option labelled “Continue without logging in.”
  4. You’ll then be on your account, offline though.
  5. Click on your respirator and go online
  6. This would remove the captcha from logging in

oops, I meant picture, somehow autocorrect struck again.

Hey i have the same problem, suddenly i received an email to change my password and then i changed it, but after i can’t login again just because it says my captcha was wrong. I have no idea how to login until now, and i make a new account just to type this. I never had any experience like this in any other account

Has this been sorted ? I’m having the same issues and had to create a new account to post on here ! I can’t get past the stupid verification bit so I can’t load up COD. Customer support are useless and have been no help, tried all the solutions in this thread but no joy please help !!