Cant find COD MW2 in my library

i just bought COD MW 2 through the phone app when i get on my pc it says in library but i dont see it


MW 2 is now under the Call of Duty icon; see this announcement for details.

If you cannot see the Call of Duty icon on your Favorite bar, click on Games, then Activision games and click the star in the upper left corner of Call of Duty.

The installation will allow you to choose which modules you want to install – some of them are required since they are common to all games and you cannot deselect those.

If you already have MW 3 or Warzone installed… and need to add MW 2, you can do so by modifying your Call of Duty installation – see the 2nd paragraph of Blizzard Support - Call of Duty Missing From the App for details.

I hope this helps.