Can't disable Auth on mobile battle net app

So I can’t link my authenticator to my account from your new app battle net on my mobile. It say that my auth code is not good (french version) but he identify the serial number well.

THEN when I want to disable my auth in the mobile application, it say just “Oups, une erreur est survenue”.

Yeah that’s a bit “Oopsie” that I need months of trying, reading forums, checking every single useless article. Do 10 requests in each it’s someone different that have 0 technical skills and understand nothing to my issue that answer a bad answer with some “cutie emoji”. Stop wasting yours and my time. I’m a developer, i’m facing an issue that only someone with technical skills can fix so plzzzzzzzzz give me a contact. Cause i’m so done that I can’t tag keys, change name of the titles and stuff just because of battlenet/blizzard global incompetence.

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Have the same issue, after a few tickets, they send me to oblibion (bnet forums), so lets hope someone gives a little advice or how to solve this problem, I know its really hard to do.

Smol indie company issues.