Can't create a account

Hello, I bought Diablo 2 for a friend as a birthday gift and from 2 days we are trying to create a account for him. After we put all the data needed it goes to “Detecting Humanity” step and it takes forever with no feedback message or anything.
It says “Detecting Humanity Only humans are allowed to create Accounts. Please wait while we verify that you are a human. Your screen will update shortly.”
There is a blue line that is moving around and like this for hours with now result.
We tried different browsers, clear cookies and pretty much everything that we found as a tip that can help.
Can someone help?


My friend has the same problem. Still unable to create an account. Hope someone has an answer for that problem.

Hello! I had absolutely the same issue, ive been trying to fix it for days. Today i tried using VPN and changed the region to Austria(random pick) and it worked instantly! hf

use VPN and change region

Hello! I had the exact same issue. Maybe try using a VPN? I did it and it worked immediately!

Good night, how do I do this?

Everyone download hotspot shield VPN extension on any browser to create account without captcha solve (Ignore my English}