Can't connect to server

My character is gone and it is now saying cannot connect to server. Failed to authenticate. Please try again. What went wrong, was working fine, then all of a sudden it’s not allowing me to start.


Exact same here. I went AFK for a few hours to do some work at home, came back and the game logged me out to the login screen with my character missing, and it says Im not connected? Im playing offline, why would I need to login online to play a offline game as well I wonder!?

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dude i have not been able to catch a server since the first day… also support communication is 2002 email slow… been two days waiting for blizzard to reply.

i think cross platform is a mistake it make the server overload!!!
D3 i never have problem

try switching other region it solve my problem. You may want to try other region i switch to europe and i can login, just switch to a region that you can connect.