Can't connect to Diablo II (2000)

Just installed Diablo 2 yesterday to play for some nostalgia and battlenet cannot connect. Today it just continuously says disconnected from battlenet try again. Is something up with battlenet or is there anything I can do on my side to fix this? Tried the fixes they recommend but I cannot connect to battlenet so I cannot install the patch 1.14d.

I can see others have had this issue without much response so hopefully this doesn’t go to the void.


Hey, TeHSaint. I was able to find an active temporary restriction preventing your connection. We have a list of reasons of what can cause a temporary restriction here. It looks like this one is related to connection, so it could be a vpn, proxy, or business connection that caused the restriction. The restriction should be lifted on the morning of 2021-09-11T05:00:00Z.

I’m also not able to connect. Can you please check why?

Hey there KarlTang. I was able to verify the same connection-related restriction on your IP. The restriction will also expire on the morning of 2021-09-11T05:00:00Z.

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I’m also unable to connect, can you please check and see why?

I’m also unable to connect, can you please check and see why? Just purchased the game…

I also cannot connect or download patch 1.14d, can you please check and see why?

Same here please, !!!

I feel like Blizzard are getting extra hard on people to let them abandon this old gem. Which is apparent because when I orders D2 2000 they gave me the option to buy D2R when checkout.

Two weeks for forgetting vpn on? If this is not brutal what is?

Come on!

The restrictions have been in place for years, so this is not a new thing to upset people. It is an attempt on an old Bnet platform to tamp down on bots and cheating, as well as keep the servers stable. It is an automated system - and it is not perfect. It helps though compared to nothing.

What is an issue mostly is that people don’t know that the Temp Restrictions exist so they accidentally trigger the system.

Download page for D2 (2000) should (in my opinion) contain a warning and link to the Support Article with the restrictions. That way new or returning players get a chance to read up on the system before playing.

I have same problem, can you check mine as well?
When can I play again?

im in the same boat, i think its because i have expressvpn and forgot to disconnect

Hey everyone,

In the interest of helping as many folks as possible, we encourage you to refer to our Sticky post below regarding Diablo II (2000) temporary restrictions:

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