Can't connect

Hello guys,
my account doesn’t work well in my mobile device (Android). If I want to connect any Blizz game to it doesn’t work.
I start app, the game tell me - Do you want to Log in or are you new? I click to log in then app redirect me to Login page I insert my username and password - I click to Log in, web page redirect me back to app but I am not connected to account. app and Authenticator are OK in the same device. Windows desktop app works good too.

Couple months ago I have been connected to Hearthstone with this device, so I think the device is not problem.
Any solutions please?

Mobile device: Samsung A32 5G
Andriod: 12, ONE UI: 4.1 app: version
Diablo Immortal app: version 1.4.889785
Hearthstone app: version 23.4.139963
Country: Czech republic

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Phone info: Samsung s20 FE 5G, running the latest update as when this was posted and just reinstalled the game to check if itll help fix my connection issue with battle net like the player posting here. Reinstalling doesn’t help so most likely a network fix required.

My story: I installed the game on day 2 of its launch and I logged into my account to get connected and started then in mid connect it kicked me out. Then after the first time connecting it always reconnized me as “played” I am unsure if this means I am perm logged in so it won’t let a secondary log in attempt.

I click on the top left acreen under guest and attempt to log in and I get asked/ told to switch accounts to play then it boots me out of the account screen back to the game. I have acreen shots of the event but they dont tell much and a GM told me thus far there’s no immediate fix known (ref- Issue ID #84360150 - Support ticket status updated)

Hopefully someone has something constructive to add.