Cant change phone number

Its been a WEEK since i opened a ticket because i dont have the phone thats on my account and i cant change it because it ask me for a code sent to that number. Make absolutely no sense btw. So it seems im missing the launch of OW2 because its been 3 days since i reply with what they asked and ive had no response. Thanks for nothing. Amaizing support. NOT.


I have the same exact problem. I cant change my phone number. submitted a ticket and still awaiting a response. No live chat to access.

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IDK if they even see this stuff tbh but they gave me a response today. They let me change my number. Still, i feel that they should deal with that stuff faster It took 3 days. each response. Hope u can change ur number soon enough.

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Same issue here with using my account for over year ive never had to verify jack. then all of a sudden canty play any games without it… but oh wait you want to update your number? oh lets just text the old one to verfiy you real quick… whoever thought of this system is completely stupid.

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It’s insane that they have not prepared for such a case. I’m sitting here as well waiting for a response and I won’t be able to play Overwatch 2 tonight at launch.

Who thought it was a good idea not to allow verification by e-mail or something else?

This is how you do it: If you have an open support ticket, add photos of your ID to the ticket. You may cover your face and registration number. Make sure that name, address, birthday and issuing office/government is visible. After I uploaded the photos, my old phone number got removed within an hour! After getting through the 500 (timeout) and 502 (bad gateway) errors, I was able to add my new phone number.


This is BS because i own 2 battlenet accounts 1 is linked to my console and 1 to my PC and both have games purchased on it. Your telling me im not allowed to have 2 accounts with 1 cell phone number but Activision has no problem taking my $100 for MW2?? I had to remove my cell phone number on my other account just so i can be ready to play OW2 with my real life friends on console… but now the account i use for PC cant play JACK


i keep getting the same thing. wont let me use my cell phone or my wifes posted a ticket and got no help at all. like not everyone has access to a landline or even have CONTRACTED phones. like this is a big problem and would bring in alot more ppl if this feture just stuck to a mobile identifcator instead of adding a phone number that i pay for work.

I too now have this problem and I believe it is the reason I was disabled from pre ordering diablo4 deluxe. I have an old phone number that is no longer in use. And a new phone with a new phone number. I try to update my phone number from the account management screen. But you cannot even delete your old phone number on the phone you no longer have. Or register a new phone number because of it. But you can update your address and update your payment information.

Seems like a poor design when you cannot purchase games because of it.