Can't buy 1 months sub anymore? WTF?

This is absurd, the removal of the one month sub is a horrible idea. You just kill the ability for some (a large amount from what I know) to play the game.


I am furious over this policy. I have had a 180 day subscription for over a year. The following in quotes is what I wrote to Blizzard as I cancelled my sub. I didn’t say anything about the game tokens as I ran out of characters.
“I am cancelling my account that I have played since 2007 in protest of your new subscription policies. It is your right to cancel payment options but it is my right to say, ‘Cancel Blizzard in my life’. I am done with this game that I love unless Blizzard decides to reinstate the possibility of 30 day game time purchase. I know several people, including me at times, that could afford ONLY the 30 days at a time. In addition I am resolved to not play ANY Blizzard games in the future.”
FYI this is the first time I have ever threatened to leave WoW. I was taught to never make threats you aren’t prepared to carry out. I am serious. If Blizzard doesn’t back off on this…I am done with Blizzard.


The full article is posted here

There are no changes to Subscriptions (reoccuring charges you authorize ahead of time), and WoW tokens.

They removed the :credit_card: 30 day game time card/block and the :credit_card:180 game time card/block.

You can still buy:
:clock930: 30 Day reoccuring Subscription*
:clock11: 60 Day reoccuring Subscription*
:clock12: 180 Day reoccuring Subscription*
:flying_disc: WoW 30 day game time token (with gold)
:credit_card: 60 day Game Time Card/Block

*If you don’t want your Subscription to automatically renew, wait for it to clear the payment (several days), then cancel the Sub on the account. You can do this every month if you like.

Please note the Subscription options have not changed.

P.S. - MVPs are other players, not Blizz staff.

@MissCheetah. I appreciate you posting the information for people that are unaware of Blizzard’s position. I assure you I read the entire article before I made any decisions. I also understand Blizzard’s desire to curb Bots. I also realize their decision will not affect many players. This is my line in the sand. I am well aware Blizzard most likely will not change their position, as is their right, but I feel the need to make my opinion known. Anyone is welcome to disagree, it is supposed to be a free country.

Very well said Heckuba. That is certainly your right! Thank you for being able to be firm, but still polite.

I just wanted to be sure that others do understand exactly what was removed, what was kept, and what options they currently have. They have two ways to still get 30 day game time.

I don’t know why they made the change. You might be right - maybe the 30 day time cards were abused by botters? Maybe the 180 day time cards were not used much so making them was not helpful? No idea.

I am sure Blizzard knows exactly what the spending patterns were of people getting game time and how much (or little) of the player base will be impacted.

Argentina Battle net Accounts Payment Policy Change

Heads up blizzard just change their policy and all cards not in Argentinian Currency are now being declined. Ive been in contact with support I live in South America just my country forces me to pay 15$ ( I cant afford this )a month unlike in Argentina the only country in South America that offers fair prices to us natives. So my account is Argentinean and i was supposed to move to Argentina before the pandemic started.

" GM ---------here hunter extraordinaire spec’d into hunting down problems ! Thanks for contacting us back, Due to new payment regulations that came in 2 days ago its been causing problems for any card trying to make ARS payments unless they are native to that Currency, this is not something we are able to bypass ourselves so if you are using your own bank account you should be fine for payments :slight_smile: "

I hope blizzard finds a solution since for many of us legit players from LAN this is the only way we can afford to play wow since 15$ a month is too much money for the LAN community.

I tried with 5 Diffrent Credit card 4 Visa and one mastercard.

The silliest part of this is that the other payment method they accept is PAYU which is the method that allows u to pay with the currency of the specific country only for example Rappipay which u print out a receipt and go and pay in ARS or with PAYU with an Argentinan Credit or Debit Card.

TLDR u cant pay with a credit card Argentinan Blizzard accounts anymore . My brother payed for a faction change 2 days ago but he wont know if his card will be declined next subscription iam out of luck since mine ended 2 days ago i also tried his card did not work. Blizzard please take my money

I just wish they’d say why.

Then we’d at least be able to nod and understand. Right now it just appears arbitrary and anti-consumer.