Cant attach auhenticator

tried both ways with the app log in and “auto attach” and says when you do it its “successfull” then ask you to log in again when you do authenticator does not work and the account its blocked so you have to remove it.

if you try to attach it from website you get the phone SMS you add the serial number but the security code fails.

i can play wow because i cant create a group because i need to add a title in the group finder and i cant add the title because i dont have a auth working… game is unplayeable i followed all the steps support gave me in my 2 tickets because one was closed without any answers btw on second ticket the asked me to submit a bug report i did this on a motorola and on a iphone 14 by the way seems my account its locked without a authentificator, it all started when i had to use the new bnet authenticator app

this is the exact same issue I have attaching it logs u out and doesn’t authenticate the login and doing it from the site also doesn’t register the code .