Can't access all blizzard servers and blizzard support without VPN

I can’t seem to access all blizzard games and some blizzard websites like customer support and shop with my public IP address. Although I can access the said services when I use VPN. I tried all the other solutions online like flushing the DNS, reinstalling battle net, etc. but still have no success. Hope someone can help.

Hey KevinCurtis,

This typically indicates something with the modem or ISP conflicting with the route to the servers. You could try using Google DNS but if that doesn’t help, I would suggest reaching out to your ISP to see if they can locate the problem.

Hi! I already tried using google DNS but still can’t connect to blizzard services. Can you check if my IP cluster somehow got banned from your servers?

Hey KevinCurtis,

Everything looks fine on our side, so this is likely something happening with the modem or ISP.


Wanted to follow up on this while I was doing sweeps of the forums. What’s your normal ISP? It’s hard to tell since there are several different IPs accessing your account due to the VPN usage. We’ve heard on and off reports of issues with folks in Southeast Asia, and if your ISP is PLDT it may be an intermittent issue some customers on that ISP are having. A VPN would be the only good work around at this time if that is the case.