Cannot uninstall Destiny 2

As BattleNet no longer supports Destiny 2, and it is now on Steam; there appears to be no way to uninstall the program. It does not show up under Programs and Features or Microsoft’s registry uninstall tool, but it is taking up an enormous amount of space on my drive. How can I uninstall it?

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You can goto the installation directory normally by default that would of been C:\Program files(x86)\Destiny 2 <- Delete this folder.

Thank you!

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Thank you. I just deleted it. Wasn’t sure if there were more registry items to remove.

There must be more as it still shows in my add/remove programs list.

This issue is usually due to left over registry files. This is not something that we can assist with, but Microsoft’s support article here may be able to help. If it persists, please contact Microsoft support for further assistance.

No, it is YOUR problem because the game was installed through YOUR launcher, so let the people to properly uninstall the game is your obligation. Saying “just delete the folder and the stray registry keys are just Microsoft problem” is showing the huge lack of IT knowledge.


I agree with SitoMaker!
As there is no option to uninstall it properly via the Windows Control Panel but obviously only through the Launcher we definitely need YOUR help here. Right now its using 100 GB space on my computer and I also want to have a clean registry. I guess the easiest solution for us all would be integrating it into the App again just for uninstalling purpose. Alternatively you could provide an uninstaller of some kind. Waiting for a solution here. Thank you.


As long as the folder is removed, it’s not taking up space on the drive. It may still show in the Apps & Features of Windows even when all the data has already been removed from the system, which is known as a “phantom installation” that can happen with any program.

This is caused by a registry entries still on the system. You can use third party programs to remove these registries for you, such as CCleaner, IOBit Uninstaller, or Revo Uninstaller. These applications and registry edits are outside of our support, so please do so at your own discretion.

We cannot assist with registry edits if manually removing the game files does not resolve the issue. As technical support, we have limited scope of support for what we can assist with. We are not the developers and any feedback, such as an uninstaller for Destiny 2 (which is a great idea in my personal opinion), will need be referred to refer to our feedback discussion.

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