Cannot start diablo 3 due to being suspended? (Error code 53)

This is my first forum post. I filed a ticket and I never got a response. It says the ticket has been opened but there has not been a response yet. I just bought diablo 3 battlechest on G2A and it installed correctly. I went to start it and it says my account has been suspended (error 53?) so I made a ticket. It’s been over 2 days and I am yet to receive a response. Is there an ETA on how long it will take to get one?? How could I get suspended when I’ve never played the game on PC to start with. I’ve played it on PS4 years ago but I don’t think that would have an impact?? Thanks for your time.

I have not seen error 53 in a long time. A VERY long time. Way back when the game was released. It used to be a suspension code for Account and Billing related issues for D3. I SERIOUSLY doubt most of these apply anymore, but it could indicate a Billing issue. I don’t know the current conditions for that code…and did not think it was used anymore.

Here is the old support post I used to provide (I think).

Some common reasons players have reported being suspended:

  1. Failed transaction - insufficient funds, payment declined by bank or chargebacks.

  2. Mismatch in Billing, Account, and/or PayPal address and name information. ALL the name and address information for each section has to match.

  3. Using the RMAH from outside the region registered to the account. For example, if you access the RMAH from Asia when you are registered at a US address it bans you.

  4. Using the RMAH from a different country than the one you are registered too, even if within the same Region

  5. Using the RMAH from a country where the game is not legally released (China) or where the RMAH is illegal (S. Korea). Playing from a country where the game is not allowed due to sanctions (Iran, Cuba, N. Korea, etc).

  6. False positives - they do happen. Sometimes the software catches something that seems problematic, but when reviewed by a human it is overturned.

  7. We have seen quite a few people playing on, and getting suspended on, accounts that are not in their name. Blizzard will only give the account back to the person whose name it is registered in. They do not allow account transfers.

Buying from a grey market site can result in fraudulent keys, charge backs that take away your key, etc.

The best way to get a Blizzard game is to buy it directly from Blizzard with a payment method YOU control.

You can contact Blizzard Billing via ticket if you want but wait times are a few days right now due to both work from home and the new WoW expansion. The agents handle ALL Blizz games and products.

This is what I get for a current ticket link.

Support > contact support > select issue > Account > game key issue

Thank you so much… If I knew it was only like 4 or 5 more dollars to get from blizzard directly I would have payed it with no issues. I’ve never had a problem from G2A buying games but this is just ridiculous. I will wait and hopefully dwell on a reply from blizzard. If it does not work out I will try and get a refund from G2A which is unlikely since i’ve already activated the key. I understand that covid is happening along with the expansion for WOW so I get that the wait times might be a bit longer, which is fine. I will inform if and when I get a reply on the whereabouts of the situation. Thank you for the reply <3

Just as a follow up on this situation in case others stumble upon this thread, this error code indicates the account has been locked for an account action. The most frequent cause for this specific error is having a compromised account which caused us to lock the account to prevent as much damage as possible. Account bans or suspensions for unauthorized software/etc are also possible.

As MissCheetah mentioned, the correct workflow if you have this error is to contact us to have it investigated.

The original poster’s already had their situation handled, but hopefully this information is useful for someone else in the future.

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