Cannot play WOW more than once per install



I have recently resubscribed to WOW. I have the game files installed on an external hard drive as I do not have the space available on my main hard disk.

When I install WOW, I can launch the game and play it without issue. However, after I exit the game, the next time I try to launch, Battle net gets caught in a continuous loop of Scanning Game Files. It claims to finish the scan process, but never starts a repair process - it just starts scanning again.

I have followed the advice to delete the .idx files and it has not resolved the issue. If I completely uninstall and reinstall WOW, I can play again - once - but then the problem recurs.

Any help in resolving this would be appreciated.


Hey there,

Based on the description it sounds like security software is putting game files in quarantine which revokes read/write privlages, thus causing all of these reported issues.

As a temporary test measure I might suggest a full uninstall of any third party security software, then test the game for a while.

If this works, please contact the software developer of the third party security software for assistance.


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There SHOULDN’T be Windows Defender here… This is the “Mac” - Forum…

Still, there should be a way to “Exclude” the Game and Game Files from the OP’s AV.


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ty for Editing your Post.


I have uninstalled my AV completely and even tried turning off my built-in firewall. No dice, it continues to go into this scan cycle.


Hey again,

We’d next want to check privileges and settings to ensure the app is allowed by the system to read and write the appropriate files:

  1. Application Support Permissions
  2. Disk Permissions
  3. Shared Folder Permissions
  4. Game Folder and File Permissions

If it’s still happening after that, lets go ahead and submit a support ticket.


I’ve been having the exact same problem only not on a Mac. It’s really frustrating.

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