Cannot make purchases

I’m having an issue with making purchases in the shop, Paypal doesn’t work, using my debit card doesn’t work. I’ve contacted my bank (BDO) and they said that Blizzard does not comply with their “Technical Specifications” which is why the payments aren’t going through, my account isn’t locked or anything.

I just wanted to post this here, maybe a blizz rep will see it and check out these specifications and hopefully get things sorted, right now i can’t buy anything


I have the same problem, the blizzard store doesnt allow me to buy something through my credit/debit card

Same problem here. Can’t preorder D4 through my debit card or my paypal. This is completely ridiculous they won’t even give me an error code or a specific reason WHY I am unable to buy their crap. It’s almost like they literally don’t wany my money lmfao. I remember having similar issues with D2:R. How can a company be so inept it’s beyond me, people are unable to preorder D4 and they’re making threads on reddit lol.

Same here…as of today I cannot purchase anything from the shop. I tried in game and on the app, neither works.