Cannot launch game

Hello, the launcher loads for a few seconds and stops

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me pasa lo mismo y no se puede arreglar , es culpa de ellos

Same. Very frustrating. I had this issue with warzone 1 and interestingly it is on multiple computers.

I should also add that sometimes the loading image appears for warzone and then disappears. Sometimes I make it to menus and then warzone crashes to desktop with no error message within a minute.

Find the folder your call of duty launcher is in. If in battlenet just hit the cog button by the “play” button and select “show in explorer” option. Once in that window, go back one folder and create a new folder and just name it “warzone 2” or something. Move the “call of duty” folder and all its contents into the new “warzone 2” file you created. Go back to your battlenet launcher and under the play button there will be a search for launch location button. Click that and select the call of duty folder that is in your new warzone 2 folder. Then play.