Cannot install

I’ve been dealing with this seemingly multi-year recurrent issue where Battlenet is not reaching the server for some reason. I’ve been trying to solve this for a couple hours to no avail. Just trying to play original Starcraft… it really shouldn’t be this much of an issue.

It looks as if it’s installing, creeping up a few percentages then slips back down. It slowly increments up, I’ve gotten as far as 89% (this took a few hours) before it just hung there.

I have done all the disabling of Firewalls and antivirus, deleting of folders in program files, appdata, etc., running the .exe as an admin mentioned in threads dating back to 2017. I was even a patient lad and left the install rolling while I was at work. All ending in resounding failure.

Any and all support is greatly appreciated.

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I have same problem…

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