Cannot download Battle.Net Mobile App (region locked)


I’ve been trying for several months to download the new app as the Authenticator app says it’s going to be replaced and I don’t want to be locked out of my account.

However, no matter what path I take to get the Appstore page (copy link from PC, use the “Take Me There” on the Authenticator App, go through Google, from website on mobile, I’m either taken to an infinitely loading iTunes pop up, or a page on the IOS appstore that says the “app is not available in your region/country”.

I live in Morocco, as my account states. Does this mean I have to either remove auth and risk getting hacked or be locked out of my account ? Is there no way to download the app directly as a .pkg ? Or keep using Authenticator for countries where the app isn’t available ? I’ve heard it wasn’t available in some European countries up to 6 months ago too.

Thank you,

What about vpns? Did you try to use those?