Cannot download any games from

it may not the launcher that raise this error:
In the log, the first error is:
E 2022-09-17 21:47:53.543096 [BSAgentManager] {184} Error reported by agent: target=agent code=2300 message=
result is BLZBNTAGT000008FC

Also interesting:

D 2022-09-17 20:04:06.661524 [BSAgentManager] {168} Starting agent
I 2022-09-17 20:04:07.692544 [Main] {168} Bootstrapper State: STATE_CHECK_AGENT
I 2022-09-17 20:04:07.692715 [Main] {168} Bootstrapper State: STATE_UPDATE_AGENT
D 2022-09-17 20:04:07.692753 [BSAgentManager] {168} Tracking agent progress for zone: ZONE_UPDATEAGENT
I 2022-09-17 20:04:07.698029 [Main] {1c0} Agent opted into beta successfully
I 2022-09-17 20:04:07.708577 [Main] {168} Progress zone changed to: ZONE_UPDATEAGENT
I 2022-09-17 20:04:09.569464 [Main] {1c0} AgentManager is now initialized
W 2022-09-17 20:04:12.119655 [Main] {1c0} Transport changed to NAMEDPIPE
W 2022-09-17 20:04:13.107380 [Main] {1c0} Transport changed to CURL
W 2022-09-17 20:04:15.191992 [Main] {1c0} Transport changed to NAMEDPIPE
E 2022-09-17 20:04:45.416263 [Main] {1c0} Failed to communicate with Agent after launch, attempts=288
E 2022-09-17 20:04:45.417523 [Main] {1c0} Agent launch exception, path='C:\ProgramData\\Agent\Agent.exe' error=2
E 2022-09-17 20:04:45.417616 [BSAgentManager] {1c0} Error reported by agent: target=agent code=2 message=
E 2022-09-17 20:04:45.417699 [BSAgentManager] {168} Fatal error occurred while updating: 2
E 2022-09-17 20:04:45.417755 [Main] {168} Handling exception in state STATE_UPDATE_AGENT: AgentException(code=BLZBNTAGT00000002, details={filename=C:\ProgramData\\Agent\Agent.exe}
W 2022-09-17 20:04:45.418617 [Main] {168} Exception converted to: BootstrapperException(code=BLZBNTBTS0000005C, details={}
E 2022-09-17 20:04:45.418662 [Main] {168} Posting exception to controller: BootstrapperException(code=BLZBNTBTS0000005C, details={}
D 2022-09-17 20:04:45.418689 [Main] {168} Bootstrapper thread completed

leads to BLZBNTBTS0000005C
it looks like thats something wrong with bnagent

That’s interesting. I don’t even get an error code though.

Been having the same issues thought I was going insane but glad it’s not just me

Seeing a lot of linux users here and I thought I might chime in with a potential workaround from another thread: [Main Thread] Agent Went To Sleep BLZBNTBNA00000005 - #24 by Asudem-1649

For linux users, I have reported the update loop as a bug on the Winehq bugzilla. Sorry the forum doesnt allow me to post links. The title of the bug report is " Hearthstone/ caught in update loop" Please feel free to add anything I may have missed to the report.
For Blizzard here is the output when is started in the terminal, its a section that repeats over and over while the game is waiting for other updates. I know you dont support linux, but this is also affecting windows users now.

0138:fixme:cryptasn:CRYPT_GetBuiltinDecoder Unsupported decoder for lpszStructType
0138:fixme:cryptasn:CRYPT_GetBuiltinDecoder Unsupported decoder for lpszStructType
0390:err:ole:com_get_class_object apartment not initialised
0390:fixme:kernelbase:AppPolicyGetProcessTerminationMethod FFFFFFFA, 0059FEAC
0634:fixme:wbemprox:wbem_locator_ConnectServer unsupported flags
0634:fixme:wbemprox:client_security_SetBlanket 62EA1810, 01D06088, 10, 0, (null), 3, 3, 00000000, 0
0634:fixme:wbemprox:client_security_Release 62EA1810
0634:fixme:ntdll:NtQuerySystemInformation info_class SYSTEM_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION
0634:fixme:wbemprox:enum_class_object_Next timeout not supported
051c:fixme:kernelbase:AppPolicyGetThreadInitializationType FFFFFFFA, 03B6FEF8
0634:fixme:ole:CoInitializeSecurity 00000000, -1, 00000000, 00000000, 0, 3, 00000000, 0, 00000000 stub
0634:fixme:wbemprox:client_security_SetBlanket 62EA1810, 01D06B20, 10, 0, (null), 3, 3, 00000000, 0
0634:fixme:wbemprox:client_security_Release 62EA1810

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yeah, it looks like an wine/proton issuse. i just installed the battle net launcher in a new windows installation and it works.

We need more people to join the bug to get it confirmed and they start working on a fix.

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