Cannot connect to tracker, DII downloader stuck at 99%

When running the downloader, i keep getting these messages in the log as it is stuck at 99%

06/06/22 15:42:47.9538 No UPnP Device Found.
06/06/22 15:42:47.9642 Creating Windows UPnPEngine interface
06/06/22 15:42:47.9667 Getting UPnPDevice Information
06/06/22 15:42:48.6180 Failed to connect to tracker.
06/06/22 15:42:56.9929 No UPnP Device Found.

I’ve already enabled network discovery and paused windows defender Real-time protection. Is there a link to the executable that I can use directly?

Is the tracker just down?

I just downloaded Diablo II Pl.
Try with a different language version.
The installer runs automatically.