Cannot connect to battle net


When i try to login it stays stuck on checking versions, finally after a minute or so another message comes up saying, “ is not responding, please try reconnecting in a few minutes” ive tried rebooting my computer. also have tried disconnecting from my wifi and reconnecting. any idea?


I have this same issue. Worked fine until 3 days this started to happening. I only can play with my phone internet connection. Can you fix this already blizzard??


Chuckwebby, make sure you’re not connecting with a vpn, a proxie, a web host, nor a business isp. If you have, restrictions can last up to 2 weeks after last connect with one of these. Also, don’t jump in and out of games too fast nor switch characters or accounts too fast, this can lead to restrictions and the more it happens the longer the restrictions last.

iLike, the problem with using phone connections is their high latency. Battlenet connections require a low latency. Using your phone is doable but it is imperative that you wait at least 7 seconds when switching between screens, save and exiting and switching out characters. What I mean is, when leave a game wait seven seconds before going to any other window, including the one with the list of games, chat or the character selection screen. If your character is dropped from a game wait 7 seconds before attempting to rejoin. If you are experiencing a lot of lag or desync in game I suggest not playing for about 10 minutes, you don’t want your character getting stuck in limbo for a half hour.