Cannot add payment method to account?

Hello all, not certain that this is the correct place for this post, but I cannot figure out which is the right category honestly…
In any case, I was trying to make changes on my account, after logging into, and it will not let me add a new payment method to my account. Every time I try, I go through the pages and pages of filling out information about the card, and then click create new payment method, and am met with an Error Occurred, try again later.
I have put in a Ticket about this, but that is not a solution, and I am confused why Blizzard cannot seem to get anything to work correctly. Aren’t they supposed to be a tech company, and if so, how can they be SO INEPT when it comes to computers / the internet??

In the same boat pls help. I have been trying to add payment method almost all day.
Does blizzard not want my money??

Same problem here. Some kind of 500 error. Please fix.