Can you pull live data from AH to excel and have it update

Before SL launch I created a spreadsheet to allow people to input current AH cost of materials and had a tab for each crafting profession and what the cost would be to make each item. The only drawback was you had to manually input each value to get it to populate. Is there a program or guide available on how to have this data be received automatically like TUJ?

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In theory you could write a custom script in excel to fetch data from the API, however the API does not return individual prices, you have to download the whole AH dump for the desired connected realm, parse the payload, find the value you want for each item (average, lowest, etc)

I don’t think Google scripts can handle such large amount of data and even Excel might struggle a little.

My approach using the official AH API would be to write my own API that would download the whole data, and expose an endpoint to get the price for each item. You could then write your own excel function to get the price from your custom API.

TUJ and TSM have their own API and client to transform the official API data in something they can use.

Note: There might be other options outside the official API

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