Can you please stop blaming internet demand and fix your problem?

I read a lot of topics where people are complaining about same issue and your answers are the same. You can’t blame internet demand and tell me that because of that my download speed decreased from 30 mb per second to 300kb per second. THIS IS NOT INTERNET DEMAND PROBLEM, THIS IS YOUR PROBLEM. Maybe before you decided to push game for free, you should think about people who actually paid money to play the game.

Is there any idea when this will be solved?

We paid game, which due to your error we need to re-download, and because of your error again we can not download it. Which means I paid you for service I am not getting.

All this wouldn’t annoy me as much, if you were just admitting it’s you who made bollocks of it. What annoys me is that you think we are stupid and try to blame “internet demand at large” (your words).

Guess what, everything else on internet at large works perfectly fine.

So please admit, or even don’t, just fix the God damn thing.

Thanks, stay safe.


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