Can we get a fix for the crashing on steam?

MWZ on steam crashes constantly and causes people to lose everything they worked for in that deployment can we get all that stuff back and have this matter looked into quickly because im sure you can see it people are not happy over there

MWZ is made by Activision Publishing. Steam is run by Valve. If you are having issues with the game you will want to talk to the game maker and/or the platform maker. It does not sound like you are playing a Blizzard game, or using the Blizzard launcher to initiate the game play button.

Blizzard Entertainment does have a Battlenet Launcher and sells the game, but once it is launched (you hit the Play button), that is the end of Blizzard’s involvement.

To discuss crashing issues with Activision’s games, you will want to contact Activision.

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