Can no longer see remaining game time for WOW account

With the new Blizzard app it no longer shows how much game time is left on WOW accounts. The old app would tell you how much longer you have until you need to add more game time. I tried to look everywhere on the app to find this information but it is not present anywhere. Please put this information back on the app when you click on the account. This information is very important as I need to plan ahead to either pay for time or buy a token. I don’t appreciate having to log the account on and find it saying you have no more game time.


Hey Keihina,

A friend of mine took a look at their new launcher which had four days of WoW time left. It did show an icon for them next to the play button. When they added time, the icon disappeared.

So it appears that as time runs low, the icon appears. I just don’t know the exact time at which it appears

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That sounds like it could be pretty severely improved upon. I mean, sure, for some of us, that’s plenty, as we’re not worried about finances, etc. (Of course, for those of us, we’re also probably already set to auto-renew anyhow so it doesn’t matter.)

For those who are more worried about finances, four days might be nowhere near enough time to decide if they have or want to set aside money for a game.

The old system did this job better.

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I don’t mean to say that the 4 day mark is the point when it pops up, just that it was there when there were 4 days left.

It could be earlier than that, maybe by lot. It may take a few months for people to start noticing and posting about it before it gets widely known.

I have about 1.5 months left and it shows “2 months” for me.

Awesome! So we know that it pops as early as two months. Thanks!

If anyone notices it any earlier, drop a line here.

I know that it does not, as I pay month to month and have somewhere between 2 weeks and 2 hours left on my account.

Clicking on the Game’s Icon in the Favorite’s section will take you to the old screen that shows the time left.