Can item strings from the ah api be imported into the game?

I want to import items found from my server’s auction house into the game and add them to a “list” that I can then search for and buy from. I’ve got something working for pets and recipes but for anything else, I can’t get the data to be read in game. There are a few items, mostly static items without modifiers/gem slots that work, but for the most part I can’t get any acceptable results.

What api call would I need to research to gain a better grasp on how to make this into a function?

You have to be more specific, but as a general answer yes, it should be possible.

Read how ? Are you using an addon to import such data ? If so you must first figure out how that addon data is encoded/decoded. A few of them uses a json encoded using base64, but the json payload is not the same as returned by the AH endpoint.

None. The API is incomplete when it comes to items stats or modifiers, making sense of those items is only possible with the help of some third party resources compiled by the community.

Also keep in mind the AH data provided by the API does not represent the real-time data as in-game, it is just a snapshot updated every hour.

I want to create a dynamic shopping list that’s generated by data acquired from hourly scans of the auction house api. Essentially, every time I log into check the listings for the hour, this data will erase itself from the database and be ready to import new data from the next hour’s scan. Whatever’s going on, there seems to be a disagreement between the data provided by the auction house JSON and what’s used within the game to search for non-pet items.