Can I use game terms in our app name?

Dear Blizzard,

We have developed an application on iOS platform, but we have a problem recently that we got a rejection from the App Store that our app name includes the popular term Diablo. We want to ask that can our app have a displaying name in App Store included the term Diablo like
XXX - Diablo Blabla helper/Tools ?
XXX is our app’s real name, and behind the dash is the description of our app.
Noticed that this name is only displaying in App Store, and the real name of it is just XXX when we downloaded it.

If we can use this description of our app, how can we get a permission proof from you so that we can avoid the rejection. Please help us.

Best regards,


Diablo is a registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment.

This page says Blizzard marks may only be used in connection with the activities listed in the User Generated Content section of Blizzard’s website.

The User Generated Content section does not list iOS applications as a permitted activity to use their marks.

Thanks for replaying, but I searched in App Store and I found that many Apps has the name included Diablo. Do they have the permissions? If they were against the rules , why they were still there?

Are these also actually about Blizzard’s Diablo? I’m pretty sure that Trademark doesn’t forbid the use of the word completely, just in connection to its industry and type of product. An app called “El Diablo” that lists all references of Diablo throughout history wouldn’t fall under this (correct me if I’m wrong), whereas a game containing Diablo anywhere in its name would possibly be in breach.

So a generic search of “Diablo” proves nothing, unless you make sure that each and every one of the hits you got is also a game and/or in breach of the agreement they signed when integrating with bnet’s APIs which could forbid it altogether.

And if they are in breach and still are available on the App Store it could just be that they haven’t been taken down yet/reported yet. :woman_shrugging:

The word diablo is not trademarked, so go right ahead :slight_smile:

Hi, I submitted my App named like XXX - Diablo Helper, but Apple store rejected it because of the trademark diablo, but I saw many similar Apps use this kind of name. I really confused that why they can use except me …

It might be something else, people might have used this name in phishing attempts or misleading app names in the past, Google Play Store has a similar feature/policy. I believe only Apple support can really help you with that. People currently using the name might be legit applications created previous to this policy taking place.