Can I continue to use old Authenticator?

I’ve just been told by the Authenticator app that it’s now being put into the app. After having looked at that app, not being in any way interested in the features of it, then running smack-bang into the ‘infinite loop’ issue that’s been reported in the bugs forum, I see absolutely no reason to use the app, unless I am actually forced to.

So, will I be forced to? Will the Authenticator app stop working at some point, or will I be able to simply continue using it, at the cost of being annoyed by that stupid message telling me to go get the app I have zero interest in using?

I’d like to know this myself. I use the Authenticator app on an old phone that doesn’t have a SIM card and connects via WiFi. It only gets turned on when I need to authenticate something. I have no interest in installing the mobile app on my actual phone. I don’t use any of the social features of the desktop app. Why would I want it on my phone?

I also like the modicum of privacy my non-canned mobile OS offers me. My phone is an unlocked Pixel 6 Pro running GrapheneOS. I don’t even have the sandboxed version of Google Play installed. The mobile app installer is available on APK Mirror. And I did download it into my sandboxed profile. I refuse to allow any app to have that much control over my phone. If I have to go back to using complex passwords to be able to play WoW, I will. I’d rather use 2FA. But I won’t be using it through bloatware I don’t need.