Can I change the window size of new app.?

In the past few days I have noticed that the Desktop App. has been changed to a new layout, and I am wondering if I can still resize it to not take up the whole screen anymore??
I used to have it setup to be somewhat minimized so that it was not always in Full Screen mode, but am not certain how to do this with the new layout.
I am on a Macintosh laptop, and used to just have to press a combination of keys to change the layout to windowed mode, but that no longer works with the new setup.
It seems to be stuck in Full Screen now.
This is somewhat frustrating, and yet another reason why I am getting a little tired of Blizzard constantly fixing things that were not broke. I mean, every time I get used to the new round of pointless changes, they come up with some new terrible ideas, which improve nothing at all, and just make you have to relearn everything again.
Is there a way to take this app. out of Full Screen, so that it is windowed again, or has that also been removed because the Blizz guys thought it was being too nice to the players who pay their salaries??
Thanks in advance!!

Hey there!

It should still be possible to resize the window. Click the box/bubble in the upper right-hand corner to lock or unlock it to the screen’s full size, then mouse hover over any corner of the app’s window. Click-drag to resize per usual from there!

Hope the info helps. Cheers!