Can an actual human take some time to read our tickets?

finished a session of ow opened my email the day after got a mail saying i got a whole month suspension ofc they didnt include any of the reasons why so now i have to write a ticket wait for 9 days yes 9 days to receive an email saying i said the following things "r u stypid ? " “cringe *ss” so ima be honest i felt like these are not even offensive and at least not deserving of a whole month of not being able to play so i write another ticket sending them their own policies cuz i didnt find what i said to be offensive/racist or derogatory WAITED ANOTHER 7 days for them to send another automated reply telling me to check their policies which i just copy pasted to them . this is a billion dollar company like i am sorry i expected the response time to take a day 2 maybe 3 but a week to 9 days for a chatgpt reply is just shameless .

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The Code of Conduct we agree to for all Blizzard games and platforms is very family friendly. We are not allowed to use profanity, masked profanity, slurs, insults/harassment, references to certain bodily functions, sexual innuendo or content, spam, advertising, etc.

Something does not have to be “offensive” to be inappropriate for the games.

The duration of a penalty is based on how many times your account has been penalized in the past. A month for a chat infraction likely means you already have a record of past chat infractions.

The forums are not the way to appeal an account action. The ONLY way to do that is via tickets. Further, we are not allowed to discuss specific account actions on the forums and repeating what you said is usually a poor idea.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard employees. MVPs do not speak for, or represent, Blizzard.

i mean maybe if u guys actually replied to tickets i wouldnt be posting in the forums a month for saying r u stupid is just crazy to me :slight_smile: espacially when ur game is 16+

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Seeing as the forums show you as responding to me, I will restate this:

Ah this. Blizzard is held to the ESRB ratings, not players. They are rated on static content that they produce, that can be reviewed by the ratings folks.

Blood, Use of Tobacco, Violence

  • Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB

That last line about Online interactions refers to player interactions and player created content (names and chat). They don’t rate it because they don’t have any idea what we are going to say.

Players have to follow the game company Code of Conduct and Policies. Those are the same for ALL Blizzard games and forums regardless of what rating the actual game content has. Even in an M rated game like Diablo 4, we can’t use profanity, masked profanity, slurs, hateful speech, harassment/insults, etc.

We are also technically not allowed to post about specific account actions on the forums. It is not a means to contest an action or appeal. They only accept those via tickets.

The forum Code of Conduct has the best version of the details of the policy. The language rules apply to all games/platforms.

this is why I dont really post on the forums and such too much.

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