Call of Duty Warzone: Modern Warfare

I was stuck at Logging in to Activision Account in Call of Duty Warzone: Modern Warfare. What seems to be the problem? How do I fix this? I started creating an account and I was stuck at this part. I tried logging in several times already but it’s the same result.

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im having the same problem, it wont start my game at all i dont know how to fix this issue with warzone everytime i try it just contuines to load nothing elsa

Hello again i am denise (Kerem Deniz) i buy call of duth modern warfare on March 6 (03.06.2021) i have screenshots for this problem.
So on friday 13 March i played campaign and multiplayer after saturday 14 march when i enter the game campaign and multiplayer options
has disappeared, game see to me free warzone player but no i am not. i’ve already pruchased call of duty modern warfare on mail account i’ll buy it. Now why i can’t play this game campaign solo multiplayer what happened only 1 day ???
game show my rank level ok perfect see my owned game ok perfect but said that purchase the game ??? it’s really absurd not ???
Where is my purchased account where is my game ?? i pay money and buy this game after it disappeared. Please help me this problem is
not battlenet application update this problem is different hard unsolved problem. i buy on march 6 please check my account i am not lying to you…