Call of duty warzone? I can't install? why?

why on earth do am I required to install Call of duty warzone? Can someone please tell me why this crap is taking up space on my hard drive. I am never going to play it. It is a waste of time for me to have on my hard drive. Why did blizzard think it was a good idea to do a “forced” install of a game some people have no plans on ever playing. I hate Battle royale games with a passion. I am getting to a point where I am not going to bother buying any more blizzard games due to being forced to install crap I won’t ever play or want to play.

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Ridiculous, and this crap has been going on for 2 days now, i can’t install black ops cold war because the mw2 beta crapped the servers. Uh no, we do not want to wait until “Maintenance Day” for you idiots to get the servers fixed, which never should’ve broke in the first place. Fix your damn servers, or i’m just going to get MW2 off Steam or on console.

2am and still can’t download black ops cold war, not going to be getting any future Cod titles from Blizzard anymore, they are basically giving the finger to their customers, and refusing to fix their server after messing it up, by dropping a poorly tested beta onto their servers. Going to be getting MW2 on Steam or Console this year. Hard pass, Blizzard messed up.

You idiots do not tell the customer “No, we’re going to fix it on Maintenance day”, you fix the damn server when it breaks, or else you are going to force people to go elsewhere to get the damn game. Hard pass, Steam is looking REALLY good to get MW2 on this year.

Warzone is too big. Everytime I download MW I have to download this crap