Call of Duty VANGUARD minimum requirements

Hi, I would like to know why can’t I play Call of Duty VANGUARD on my PC, with a core i7 970 CPU (socket 1366), all of the other games (e.g. Warzone , Modern warfare , etc, etc) work flawlesly on my PC. Yesterday I wanted to try the open beta for the Vanguard and it told me that my CPU does not meet the minimum requirements. I would like to know what exactly does my CPU lacks for this game to run on my pc.
Thanks in advance!


Blizzard doesn’t have any hand in the development or requirements for playing the game. Make sure your GPU also meets their requirements (you only mentioned CPU). If you have further questions, you’ll want to reach out to Activision.

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Hey! I’d like to help your issue.

Go to your pc performance and change and set it to medium.
And also display option then chnge the display regulation to 1280720 {192DPI}.

When all done save & Restart your pc.
Then enjoy the game :relaxed:

Hey there I am running a xeon X5675 6 cores 12 threads, 4.37ghz. RTX 2070 24GB DDR3 ram. Did you end up finding a solution? I ran warzone with over 100fps and now it says that my cpu does not meet minimum requirement for vanguard

I also have this issue. The GPU requirements are more than met. I can cant figure this one out. Any other thoughts?

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After the D2R launch, I learned that many of the older i7 CPUs don’t include AVX instruction sets. Such is the case for the OP of this thread. Their CPU may outperform the i3-4340 and FX-6300, but those are both 2-3 years newer and support AVX, whereas the i7-970 does not—and that’s probably why they can’t launch the game.

Which CPU and GPU are you running?

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I’m using a i7 930 same problem played all other games fine how do I fix this

Hello. yeah i dont understand Vanguard it says ( Your CPU does not meet the minimum specification for running Call Of Duty(R): Vanguard. ) but i can run WarZone thats bigger and takes more Process…? Please Fix Thank You.

If you look at the system requirements on the Activision site for the game, you will see a callout that the game does require your CPU to have the AVX instruction set. If your CPU does not have this (First Gen iSeries Intel, Pre FX series AMD processors or Most older Workstation/Server Intel CPUs) then it will not likely work with the game.

If this means you will be unable to play, I recommend looking into a potential refund via this link:

You would have to use a different CPU. AVX instructions are built into the processor, not something you can upgrade or add on.

Blizzard doesn’t develop this game, and they will not make adjustments to allow CPUs without AVX abilities to be able to play the game. If you are not planning to upgrade your PC, follow the refund link Kershew mentioned.

thx for that my cpu Intel® Core™ i7-860 Processor (8M Cache, 2.80 GHz)

my new one I just ordered Intel Core i5 9400 (Base:2.90GHz, Turbo:4.10GHz / 9MB / LGA1151 / 6 Core / 65W / UHD 630 / Coffee Lake S)

that should get me going thx m8

i have a old i7 cpu witch has no aux, So ive just got a new i5 next gen 9 cpu that has aux.and ddr4 ram plus a Gigabyte z390 d motherboard that shuold get my $65 call of duty game going . next week we will see if vanguard we work ,I will post a report .