Call Of Duty Reset to level 1

My call of duty/warzone/ranked progression reset to level 1, Why? I tried logging into Americas, Europe and Asia server all with same problem. I can’t even access the BattlePass. I can’t play on Ranked Mode either.


same here, can not find the answer

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same here i cant find any fix\

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the same thing happened to me, level 1 italia
I checked and also in Mw 2 the level reset 1

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MILTON-HAWTHORNE error. Have to wait for dev’s to fix.

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Hey all,

The CoD games are all owned and developed by Activision. For any issues outside installing and patching, see this post:

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Account not logging in comes up with "MINOT HAWTHORNE " error, stats and levels all reset to level 1?

Please see above, McTaw.

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Having the same problem, checked my brothers account on PSN and it says my account is still the same level, so they at least still have the information

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What should I put in for Tech Support? I tried doing it and it kept leading me to the “Hacked Account” Support

i pay the game to battlenet you are the one who should give us feedback…i want a refund, tired of this activision company

I believe and this might be a stretch but hear me out. For about 2 years now I have been plagued by what I thought was a outside hacker he would alter my games in real time. bring back dead and wiped teams send people into my games to hunt me me and a squad team wiped the same team 6 times they just kept being respawned like they had administrative support. the F-ed up thing is now my opinion has changed I think this hacker really works for them them being activision the last thing which was magically updated yesterday when no one I know got an update it was like a bright red flash light was beamed out the back of my scopes oddly it only affected the scopes I used and not all of them it blinded me and made it hard to see through the scope even masking objects I saw through it I have reported all of the anomalies that plague my account to no avail all I ever get is the run around no answers. they just mark my tickets resolved when they resolve nothing. I get bombarded with packet bursts all the time it makes me lag like crazy these burst are part of the graphics that are down loaded to you to improve them but they are supposed to correct them selves and the fixes I have found online didn’t work so I support ticketed and you know what happened nothing. All of these glitches in my opinion have been done on purpose to affect my account negatively. I could go on for days but to finish my point there are all kinds of web sights for cheats and it is quite a racket people spending hundreds of dollars a month to have and I think that activision them selves have been coding them and selling them just like in the old days with the mod menus for sale for 20 bucks pay pal they just have better systems to sell them now and don’t have any integrity anymore its just weird to me that the anticheats are so easily beaten instantly as if intended. they are not to be trusted beware

so with all the issues your just doing nothing. what typical excrement I have been under attack for the entire time this and number 2 has been out packet bursts weird lights shining out the back of my scopes blinding me not to mention all the other things you know I have been placed on maps that don’t exist with hackers or are they administrators they seem to have that power and you do nothing I am an avid fan been with you for years for at least 12years but I don’t even know how much more I can take I still have hopes that you will improve the game and make it the titan it was you need to get back to your roots when it was good when you could have gun fights not just be a victim or be bullied by the war of attrition. you have created a game for bullies that is how people feel I know many the bully squads run rampant and has replaced the skill the game used to have. time to kill so low you can’t even react to a fight. and when more than one person shooting at you forget about it your done it be sad. and you wonder why everyone is leaving. bullies and cheaters seem to be the norm these days.

Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about Activision’s support system.


Bliz didn’t make the Activision games, nor do they administer or maintain them. Bliz has no insight into the clients, networking or servers. Only Activision does.

If you bought it through Battlenet and want a refund, you can submit a refund request. You can start the process here:

If the purchase qualifies, you will get a refund.

I understand that activision is just selling games through Blizzard’s platform, but it’s dissapointing that they don’t take any responsabilty for ingame faults, or don’t provide a fully operated customer service in assosiation with Activision

They can’t. Bliz doesn’t have the games’ source code, they don’t have access to the games’ servers, they don’t have access to the games’ support tools, and most of all Bliz doesn’t have any knowledge of anything pertaining to the games or the services.

Despite being under the Activision Blizzard holding company, the two publishers don’t have anything to do with each other’s development or support.

It’s would be like asking the makers of Mountian Dew to fix your issue with Gatorade. They both have the same holding company, but they have nothing to do with each other.

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